St. Mary of the Assumption and the Church of St. Paul (Binghamton, NY)

Covid update — June 2021

Our parishes are currently open for worship with the regular mass schedule.  People do not have to preregister and there is no sign-in required.  We follow NYS and Diocesan guidelines.  Fully vaccinated people (and are two (2) weeks out from their vaccination) are not required to wear a mask or social distance.  We still have every other pew blocked in deference to those not yet vaccinated or unable to vaccinate.  Fortunately, we have the space.

My thanks to everybody for your cooperation during the pandemic.  It was a confusing and challenging year.  At the beginning nobody knew what to do.  First, wash your hands and don’t touch your face, but you don’t need a mask.  Then contact spread of Covid19 was considered minimal but everybody needs a mask.  As cases increased and in the face of ignorance about the disease we went into a lockdown.  For the vast majority of us it was an unheard of experience. As we move forward, please be mindful that not everybody can receive the vaccine and they may still wear a mask and keep their distance.  Please allow people their space.

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