Questioning Faith

Why believe?

Renowned Fr. Robert Spitzer cites the work and viewpoints of world-class scientists, mathematicians, historians and others past and present to persuasively answer: Why God? Why Jesus? Why Church?

Stage 1: Why God?

What if there is no God and death is the end of our existence?

Question 1: Why believe in a ‘soul’ that survives bodily death?

Answer 1a: Essential Module 1 (ages 12+)

Answer 1b: Big Book Volume 2 (Advanced)

Q2: Why believe in God when some of today’s scientists imagine infinite multiverses, quantum string theory, ‘nothing(ness)’, or other ideas as explanations for our existence?

A2a: Essential Module 2 (12+)

A2b: Big Book Vol 1 Chap 1 (Advanced)

Einstein on God  |  Newton on God

Q3: What philosophical arguments can be made for or against the existence of God?

A3a: Essential Module 3 (12+)

A3b: Big Book Vol 1 Chap 2 (Advanced)

Stage 2: Why Jesus?

Why value Jesus’ ancient teachings over those of other self-appointed ‘influencers’ past or present?

Q4: What response can we give to someone who doesn’t even believe that Jesus was a real (i.e., historical) person?

A4a: Essential Module 4 Slides 16-24 (12+)

A4b: Big Book Vol 3 Chap 2 (Advanced)

Q5: Why be persuaded that Jesus is the highest authority on God, or that he mysteriously is God?

A5a: Essential Module 4 (12+)

A5b: Big Book Volume 3 (Advanced)

A5c: Big Book Volume 4 (Advanced)

Q6: Why would an ‘all-loving’ God allow suffering or evil?

A6a: Essential Module 7 (ages 12+)

A6b: ‘Big Book’ Vol 19, Chap 2 (Advanced)

Stage 3: Why Church?

Why go to church at all, or why not start a new church?

Q7: Why not just read and study the Bible on your own? (i.e., Why associate with other Christians or specifically Catholic Christians?)

A7a: Essential Module 5 (12+)

A7b: Catholic Answers (

A7c: Big Book Volume 6 (Advanced)

Q8: Where can I find primary source documents stating what the Roman Catholic Church actually teaches?

A8a: Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church

A8b: Ascension Bible and Catechism App

A8c: Vatican Archive


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